I Am My Father's Daughter
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I Am My Father's Daughter

Growing up in a house full of girls, I unofficially took on the role as my father's only son. So when the time came to fix a leaky sink or change the oil in the family car, it was me that stood by my father's side. Thanks to him and everything he taught me, I am now able to take care of myself and my children in a way that not everyone can. I have tried over the years to engage my own daughter in the same way my father engaged me, but she's currently more interested in playing with dolls than fixing potholes. After my father passed away last year, I vowed to find a way to pass on everything he taught me, this blog is my way of keeping that promise. I truly hope that you learn as much as I have over the years.

I Am My Father's Daughter

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    3 December 2019

    If you purchased a new building and are setting up your offices, there are many things to consider. One of these things is the lighting. It is important that you choose the right lighting for your office as this will allow your employees to see well. To help, below are three tips on choosing the lighting. You can then hire a commercial electrician to install your lighting for you. Choose the Right Bulbs

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    24 October 2019

    If you live in the country, you need to make sure that you can get water somehow. In most cases that means that you are going to have to have a well. But when you need to have a new well, you can run into all kinds of problems because it isn't always easy for you to get the well you need dug. It's not like you can just point to an area and stick a shovel in it.

  • Is It A Foundation Problem Or Just A Door Problem?

    24 September 2019

    You realize that one of the doors in your home is not opening and closing smoothly. It seems like it has shifted out of place and is now hanging wonky in its frame. If you know anything about foundation problems at all, you will probably immediately let your mind go to that particular concern. However, there can be situations when a door problem is just a door problem and not a sign of foundation issues.

  • Signs Of A Diseased Tree And How To Help

    8 August 2019

    Mature, beautiful trees towering high above are absolutely beautiful. Depending on the age of the tree, they are a piece of history, and when they're in your own yard, they are a piece of your own family history. When something happens to the tree, it can be a very sad thing. Keeping your tree healthy is important to ensure an even longer lifespan of your tree for you and others to someday enjoy.

  • 4 Tips For Building The Perfect Bedroom In Your Custom Home

    30 June 2019

    When you build a custom home, you not only get to design your dream kitchen and a luxury bathroom, you also get to design the perfect bedroom. If you want a dream bedroom in your custom home, don't just put down a square on the floor plan and call it good. Really think about what you want out of the room and design a nice bedroom for yourself. Here are some things to consider discussing with your custom home builder.