I Am My Father's Daughter
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I Am My Father's Daughter

Growing up in a house full of girls, I unofficially took on the role as my father's only son. So when the time came to fix a leaky sink or change the oil in the family car, it was me that stood by my father's side. Thanks to him and everything he taught me, I am now able to take care of myself and my children in a way that not everyone can. I have tried over the years to engage my own daughter in the same way my father engaged me, but she's currently more interested in playing with dolls than fixing potholes. After my father passed away last year, I vowed to find a way to pass on everything he taught me, this blog is my way of keeping that promise. I truly hope that you learn as much as I have over the years.

I Am My Father's Daughter

  • All About Propane Storage Tank Sizing

    27 March 2016

    One excellent fuel source for your home is propane, a colorless, non-toxic and odorless gas. It can be used in a wide range of applications and has significant cost benefits when compared with a fuel such as electricity. One important decision regarding propane for residential use is what size storage tank to purchase. This article examines the issue in more detail.   Appliances    One of the most important factors to consider is what type of appliances in your home will be fueled by the propane.

  • Roof Maintenance Information

    29 February 2016

    Taking regular care of your house will help to prevent damages that can lead to big problems and costly repairs. Your roof is a very important to the integrity of your home and if it's kept up well, then it can last you for many years. However, if you put little to no thought into taking care of the roof, then you can quickly find yourself in the midst of dealing with a lot of expensive repairs and other issues caused by a leaky or otherwise damaged roof.

  • The Essential Information About Replacing Your HVAC System's Air Filter

    5 February 2016

    The HVAC system's air filter is a crucial part that cleanses air for both heating and cooling. It is what prevents pollutants from getting into your HVAC system's internal mechanisms and helps produce clean air throughout your entire home. When the filters get dirty, your HVAC system will become less efficient, since the system will need to work harder to push air through a dirty filter. This will lead to the HVAC system having a shorter lifespan as well.

  • Questions To Consider When Shopping For A New Heater

    14 January 2016

    If you are considering getting a new heating solution for your home, then there are a lot of options out there. To help you narrow down your choices, here are some questions that you should ask yourself: Do you have a ventilation system? If you are thinking about getting a central heating system, then you're going to need a ventilation system to actually make it work. While having a ventilation system in place does not prevent you from getting a space heater, you're going to have a lot of problems if you plan on getting a central heating system without having sufficient ventilation already in place.

  • Keeping You Septic Tank Healthy

    26 December 2015

    Living in a rural area often means that you have a septic tank instead of being hooked up to a municipal sewer system. Septic tanks can be a wonderfully effective method for managing your home's waste products. If you take certain preventative steps, you can keep your system running smoothly for many years. Chemicals Keep your use of household chemicals to a minimum. Using "normal" amounts of household chemicals such as bleach, laundry detergent, and other cleaners should not harm your system.