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I Am My Father's Daughter

Growing up in a house full of girls, I unofficially took on the role as my father's only son. So when the time came to fix a leaky sink or change the oil in the family car, it was me that stood by my father's side. Thanks to him and everything he taught me, I am now able to take care of myself and my children in a way that not everyone can. I have tried over the years to engage my own daughter in the same way my father engaged me, but she's currently more interested in playing with dolls than fixing potholes. After my father passed away last year, I vowed to find a way to pass on everything he taught me, this blog is my way of keeping that promise. I truly hope that you learn as much as I have over the years.

I Am My Father's Daughter

Transform An Unused Garage Into Usable Space

Beatrice Reid

For some reason, you have an unused garage. Could be you've built a freestanding one, or you don't have a car. Maybe you simply have more need for the living space. Whatever the reason, you've decided to convert your garage. Remodel your garage so it complements your home life.

Update the Floor

Most garages have cement floors – and more often than not they're simple gray slabs. There could even be some staining from its previous use. In that case, you may need to add a floor over the concrete, such as hardwood or carpet. If you're going to be doing much standing or walking in the converted garage, consider a cushioned subfloor or even one that floats over the concrete. On the other hand, if there's no real damage to the floor, consider a concrete overlay. You can even have an overlay installed that simulates other, more expensive materials.

Replace the Windows

As with the flooring, typically the windows that go into garages don't get much attention. What's more, they rarely let in a lot of natural light. Look at increasing the size and, possibly, number of windows in your garage. Home and Garden TV also suggests recessing the windows in the wall. Not only does this add visual interest, but it also creates an extra shelf.

Include a lot of Storage

Speaking of storage, it's almost impossible to get enough in your home. No matter what you plan to use your garage space for, add storage. One option is having custom-built shelving installed – it can even span an entire wall. You can leave some shelves free for decorating while others feature attractive bins for storage. Another option is custom-built cabinets. The two can work together to solve most of your storage needs.

Choose Cheerful Paint

The new room is still going to feature the dimensions of a garage. To channel a new ambiance, be very deliberate in your paint choice. While any neutral is great for the rest of your home, consider a warmer palette for the garage. For example, paint the walls a cheerful yellow or pretty peach. A warm color scheme creates more of a welcoming atmosphere.

Replace the Garage Door

Of course, a garage door is a dead giveaway that the space was once a garage. If you're planning a transition space between the interior and exterior, simply removing the door may be sufficient. However, you're more likely to have to rebuild the door area. Contractors can build a partial wall with a door. Another option is to even increase the space with a bump out. Whichever option you choose, ensure the exterior is cohesive with the façade of your home.

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