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I Am My Father's Daughter

Growing up in a house full of girls, I unofficially took on the role as my father's only son. So when the time came to fix a leaky sink or change the oil in the family car, it was me that stood by my father's side. Thanks to him and everything he taught me, I am now able to take care of myself and my children in a way that not everyone can. I have tried over the years to engage my own daughter in the same way my father engaged me, but she's currently more interested in playing with dolls than fixing potholes. After my father passed away last year, I vowed to find a way to pass on everything he taught me, this blog is my way of keeping that promise. I truly hope that you learn as much as I have over the years.

I Am My Father's Daughter

Technological Advancements Make Land Surveying Easier

Beatrice Reid

Whether you work as a land surveyor or you simply have an interest in the industry, you may have wondered about technological advancements in the industry. Until recently, there weren't very many notable advancements to announce. However, land surveyors' jobs have recently been made easier since the introduction of some exciting advancements. Here is an overview of some of the groundbreaking technology that has contributed to this:

Robotic total stations 

These total stations that utilize the latest and greatest in technology can improve a land surveyor's job significantly. Not only can these advanced total stations make configurations and scaling a cinch, but they can improve efficiency as well as productivity. These robotic total stations have the ability to produce high-dynamic range (HDR) images utilizing real-time software technology. Using these sophisticated stations, surveyors can even track the location of equipment and much more.

Laser scanning abilities

Although surveyors used scanners in the past, the original scanners weren't quite as advanced as they are now. Today's scanners have the ability to function at longer distances, and the equipment is a great deal more simplified, resulting in an easier time using them. The new and improved laser scanners are operated using remotes, which can pause and delay scanning whenever necessary. This can increase accuracy and efficiency, while ensuring ease when surveying even in the most challenging terrain.

Automated tank inspections

In the past, inspecting oil and gas tanks was a tedious job. Thanks to major technological advancements, performing these necessary inspections can be significantly easier with new automated tanks. With the ability to simplify and guide workflow, technicians can perform more thorough inspections. These automated tanks are specifically created for automatic inspections, which eliminates any guesswork.

Advanced imaging rover

When it comes to surveying land, the ability to create accurate and clear images is absolutely essential. This is why many manufacturers decided to make advancements to equipment like the imaging rover, to make improved imaging possible. With these advanced imaging rovers, land surveyors have the ability to produce detailed images that are created rapidly. By increasing speed, surveyors can improve productivity as well as work quality.

Many recent technological advancements within the land surveying sector have improved performance significantly. More advancements are currently in the works, so professionals working in the industry, like Arizona Surveying and Mapping, can expect to have access to equipment that will further simplify their jobs in the future. Not only does technologically advanced equipment increase production and efficiency, but it can make the job of individuals working in this industry a lot more enjoyable.