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I Am My Father's Daughter

Growing up in a house full of girls, I unofficially took on the role as my father's only son. So when the time came to fix a leaky sink or change the oil in the family car, it was me that stood by my father's side. Thanks to him and everything he taught me, I am now able to take care of myself and my children in a way that not everyone can. I have tried over the years to engage my own daughter in the same way my father engaged me, but she's currently more interested in playing with dolls than fixing potholes. After my father passed away last year, I vowed to find a way to pass on everything he taught me, this blog is my way of keeping that promise. I truly hope that you learn as much as I have over the years.

I Am My Father's Daughter

Common Plumbing Problems You Should Consider And Investigate Before Buying A Home

Beatrice Reid

Any time you are planning to sink a lot of money into something you really do have to be cautious before you hand over your cash. This is especially true when you are considering the purchase of a home as simply overlooking aspects can cost you a great deal in the long term. This is especially true when it comes to certain plumbing issues that could be buried within the perimeters of the structure in the house you are considering. Here are a few of the most common plumbing issues you should consider and investigate before you sign up for any commitments to a particular property.

Sniffing Out Septic Issues

Of all of the plumbing issues you will not want to take on as a new homeowner, it is those related to the septic system. Even though the septic system is usually tucked away beneath the ground, your nose can tell you a lot about any problems that could be occurring. Unless you're standing directly over a ventilation pipe, there should be no reason that you smell sewage in or outside of the home. The smell of sewage can indicate the septic tank is overflowing and seeping into the ground, or it could be a sign the tank itself has been compromised. When it comes to septic issues, the nose does know there is something askew, so pay attention.

Narrowing Down Suspicious Water Activity

There are a lot of indicators that there is an issue with leaking water at a home. Pay close attention to water damage that may be apparent on floors, walls, or even ceilings in multilevel homes. Feel around to see if the damage is recent, keeping in mind that moisture will not be present if the damage is from an old issue that has already been tended to. Check beneath sinks, around the toilets, in the basement or crawlspace, and anywhere near plumbing fixtures for standing water or drips. Your role is to become the investigator in the situation to narrow down where any water could be coming from.

Get Technical About Water Usage

If you even suspect that there could be a major water leak on the property, have the local water company come out and take a look at the meter. They can measure how much water is being used when a faucet is in use or as the complete system is at a standstill. The experienced plumber can even take a look during a free checkup and tell you if the gallons per minute being consumed are at a rate that would coincide with normal flow or a leak issue hidden underground.

Before you even think about shaking hands and making a deal on a specific home, the plumbing should be carefully investigated. Take advantage of free plumbing checkups from local contractors, ask questions, and always use your own common sense when it comes to checking out plumbing issues. The wrong problem can be a major hassle, in some cases even a structural threat, when it comes to your home.